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Europe's Larges range of small diameter  bar stock.

UNS 79350 

Nickel Silver and (free cutting) Nickel Silver Alloys

  Cu Ni Mn Pb Zn

BS2874: NS101


45 10 - 2 Bal
BS2874: NS104


63 12 0.2 - Bal
BS2874: NS106


63 18 0.3 - Bal


Extra free-cutting


49 7 2 3 Bal

Aus Neusilber werden hergestellt:

Products produced from Nickel Silver:


Neusilber ist eine Legierung aus Kupfer, Nickel und Zink.
Neusilberlegierungen sind die wichtigsten Werkstoffe für die Industrie.
Es werden daraus hergestellt:

  • Bestecke

  • Tafelgeräte

  • Uhren

  • Feinmechanische Erzeugnisse

  • Nautische Geräte

  • optische Geräte

  • Schanktischverkleidungen

  • Chirurgische Instrumente

  • Dekorationsleisten

  • Musikinstrumente

  • Armaturen

  • Messwerkzeuge

  • Gewichtssätze

  • Elektronische Teile

Nickel Silver

For Electronic Applications For Connector
Manufacturers For Pins Or Terminals For Interconnecting

Uses include decorative items, jewelry, musical instrument valves and components, optical instrument components, fittings for food and dairy equipment, screws, rivets, and slide fasteners.

10%, 12% and 18%
C74500, 75700, 76400

Nickel silvers are alloys of copper, nickel, zinc, and are classified by the nickel content. They are good spring materials with good formability and corrosion resistance. The pleasing silver grey is a factor in applications where appearance is important.


Electrical Contacts

Nickel silvers are used for electrical contacts in the electronics and telecommunications industries.

Gift And Tablewares

In this application, the items are often plated with silver. The natural colour and resistance of this alloy to tarnishing means that even when the silver wears off, the item still retains an attractive appearance.

Mechanical Connectors

Due to the favourable strength properties and excellent corrosion resistance, nickel silvers are used for applications such as clips, rivets, screws, hinges and locks.

Other Applications

Other applications include springs, instrument parts, architectural fittings, machined parts, decorative items, resistance wire, musical instrument wire, camera parts.

Other Names for Nickel Silver

  • Neusilber

  • Perusilber

  • Argentan

  • Christoflemetall

  • Pakfong (dong)

  • Semilargent

  • Germansilber

  • Sterlingmetall

  • Wiener Neusilber

  • Maillechort

  • Kunstsilber

  • Maldior (Melchior)

  • Englischsilber

  • Argent d Àllemagne

  • Ambrac

  • Alfenide

  • Argyrolith

  • Argyroide

  • Berndorfer Silber

  • Argyrophan

  • Hotelsilber

  • Chinasilber

  • Alfenide

  • German Silver

  • Nickel Silver

  • Argentium Argentine Plate

  • Argentum

  • Austrian Silver

  • Brazilian Silver D&A Trademark of Daniel and Arter, Birmingham

  • N.S. New Silver

  • Nevada Silver D&A Trademark of Daniel and Arter, Birmingham

  • Norwegian Silver; Trademark of WG&S

  • Spur Silver = Trademark of E B & Co for Edwin Blyde & Co of Sheffield

  • Stainless N. S.

  • Stainless Nickel

  • Stainless Nickel Silver

  • Venetian Silver - Trademark of Deykin & Sons, Birmingham Logo: 

    Afghan Silver

    Austrian Silver

    Brazilian Silver

    Mexican Silver

    Nevada Silver

    Potosi Silver


    Sonora Silver

    Tyrol Silver

    Venetian Silver


Every effort is made to ensure that technical specifications are accurate. However, technical specifications included herein should be used as a guideline only. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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