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Aluminium Alloy 6061

Data Sheet 6061

Chemical Composition Limits        Aluminum Alloy 6061

Weight % Al Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Others each

Others total

6061 Bal 0.40-0.80 0.70 max 0.15-0.40 0.15 0.80-1.20 0.04-0.35 0.25 max 0.15 max 0.05

0.15 max

Aluminum Alloy 6061

Available in: Bar, Sheet, Strip, Plate, Tube, Extrusion, Sections, Wire.


Similar Specifications:

British Standard H20, HE20, HP20, HS20

L117 T6 Tube not Hydraulically Tested

L118 T6 Tube Hydraulically Tested

AMS 4009 6061T0 Foil

AMS 4021 AlClad 6061 T0 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4022 AlClad 6061 T4 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4023 AlClad 6061 T6 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4025 6061 T0 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4026 6061 T4 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4027 6061 T6 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4053 6061 T651 Plate

AMS 4079 6061 T0 Drawn Tube, Special Tolerances

AMS 4080 6061 T0 Drawn Tube Drawn Tube

AMS 4081 6061 T4 Drawn Hydraulic Tube

AMS 4082 6061 T6 Drawn Tube

AMS 4083 6061 T6 Drawn Hydraulic Tube

AMS 4113 6061 T6 Structural Shapes

AMS 4115 6061 T0 Rolled, Drawn or Cold Finish Wire Rod and Bar

AMS 4117 6061 T6 Rolled, Drawn or Cold Finish Wire Rod and Bar

AMS 4129 6061 T651 Rolled or Cold Finish Rod and Bar

AMS 4146 6061T4 Forgings QQ-A-367

AMS 4150 6061 T6 Extruded Wire Rod and Bar Shapes and Tube

AMS 4160 6061T0 Extrusion ASTM B221

AMS 4161 6061T4 Extrusion ASTM B221

AMS 4173 6061 T651 Extruded Wire Rod and Bar Shapes and Tube

MIL-T-7081 Hydraulic Tube

WW-T-700/6 Drawn Tube. Seamless

QQ-A-200/8 Extruded Bar, Rod, Shapes and Tube

QQ-A-200/16 Extruded Structural Shapes

QQ-A-225/8 Rolled, Drawn or Cold Finished Wire, Rod, Bar and Special shapes

QQ-A-250/11 Sheet and Plate

French A-GSUC

Germany 3.3211  AlMgSiCu

Spanish L-3453


Aluminium alloy 6061 is a heat treatable alloy with medium fatigue strength and very good corrosion resistance.


Aluminium alloy 6061 is supplied solution treated and artificially aged to T6 temper.


Aluminium alloy 6061 has excellent joining characteristics, good acceptance of applied coatings, combines relatively high strength with good workability, and high resistance to corrosion; available in T6 condition. (The T8 and T9 tempers offer better chipping characteristics over the T6 temper.)


Aluminium Alloy 6061 is commonly used for the following:
Construction of aircraft structures, such as wings and fuselages, 
more commonly in homebuilt aircraft than commercial or military aircraft. 
2024 alloy is somewhat stronger, but 6061 is more easily worked and remains resistant to corrosion 
even when the surface is abraded, which is not the case for 2024.
Alloy 2024 is usually used with a thin Alclad coating for corrosion resistance.
Alloy 6061 is used for yacht construction, including small utility boats,
automotive parts, such as the chassis.



Every effort is made to ensure that technical specifications are accurate. However, technical specifications included herein should be used as a guideline only. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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